• Predator: Dark Ages

    More than a million views on YouTube; can't be bad. Let this piece of retro fan-fiction magic into your eyeballs and enjoy the sounds of me thrashing about in a forest and walking along creepy country paths in the middle of the night.


  • Chameleon

    Another visually beautiful short film I'm proud to have recorded foley for. A dark, brooding story punctuated by intense martial arts sequences as the looming threat of Togo Igawa's bristling villian builds inexorably towards a head-spinning plot twist. You could cut the tension in this film with a rusty shiv. Check out Chameleon on Facebook. It turns out this is showing at Cannes this year!

    CHAMELEON Teaser Trailer

  • Apogee

  • The Herd

    Squelching lube, creaking rubber, gritty concrete floors were the order of the day. And what a day. This disturbing yet thoughtful short film might challenge your perception of something you take for granted. I love it when art does that, I really do. The words "Foley artist: Thomas Griffiths" will be on the screen at Cannes twice this year thanks to Melanie Light, Dean Covill and many others.

    The Herd Trailer

  • Gland Burnout

    An incidental piece for the Yokohama Theatre Company's Sci-Fi odyssey 39.

  • Burnout sketch 3.1

    This is a short sketch derived from a few bars of another piece which I'm writing for the soundtrack to 39. More on that later :P

  • ζeta

    Multiband dynamics giving the effect of mechanical damping (in my head anyway).

  • Space

    An ambient track for 39.

  • Motor synth

    I made this MAX-based synth for a project (for which we were required to use Reason - not impressed) in which were several shots of animated motor vehicles.
    I also used it for the sound of the quad bike in the Medal of Honor video. The .zip file contains everything needed to run the patch through ReWire on Windows. If you already have the MAX Runtime you can use the .mxf file.

    Package icon motorsynth.zip12.08 MB
    Binary Data motor synth.mxf1.67 MB
    Binary Data motor synth.maxpat74 KB